Finding a coupon for GoDaddy is NOT a difficult task in any way, shape, or form. Seriously, GoDaddy releases coupons all of the time, because they care about their customers and giving them a real value.

If you are sitting here, reading this and thinking ‘what domain do I really even need to get started?’, then stop, say your name out loud, and then add the words ‘dot-com’. Pretty snazzy sounding, right? Get it.

Look, you need to own your name online, for a variety of reasons. The most important being, you don’t want someone using that domain for something crappy. All it takes is one crazy ex buying a domain with your name and writing a bunch of crap, and viola, reputation ruined.

However, if you already own that domain and you are filling it with all the wonderful things that you are, or at least pretend to be online (admit it, we all do it) then you are in a fairly safe position, Google wise that is (note: a snazzy website can not save you from a crazy ex. That’s on you.)

Dot-coms are primo real estate in the internet world. Really and truly, you want to get yourself a dot-com when you are starting your site, and they can sometimes get pricey, because EVERYONE wants them. So, when you snag yourself a great coupon code for a place like GoDaddy, you are really getting a great deal.

Here is another awesome bonus about GoDaddy: your hosting and EVERYTHING will be there. Seriously, hosting coupons are like a gold mine around here. Because your hosting company will be where your site calls home, and it’s nice if you can get that at a good deal.

GoDaddy is a pretty reputable hosting company as well. Rarely are there any of the dreaded ‘black outs’ that you notice with some other hosting companies, and any maintenance they do, they work on during really, really low traffic times so your site and business will not be affected.

Coupon codes for hosting from WPEngine or domains from GoDaddy generally come out every month. Some are only for domains, but most are for just a certain percentage off all of their products.

While the percentage off does not seem like it’s a big chunk off when you are just getting one thing, if you decide to plan everything out and purchase all of your stuff, such as your shopping cart, email addresses, certificates, ALL of it, you could save TONS with just a simple 30% off coupon.

Also, keep in mind, when you use that coupon code, you can save on YEARS of hosting. Really. If you are starting a site, and a business, then odds are you are going to be keeping that site around for quite a while. Good chance that it will be more than a year at least. So when you are getting that hosting at 30% off, why not go ahead and get 3 years worth of hosting right out of the gate? I mean, it’s kind of like getting a year almost free isn’t it?

So go ahead, grab that coupon and load up your cart and grab all that you need.